We Will Rock You takes place in the distant future, where Earth is named iPlanet, conformity reigns, and rock music is unheard of. Galileo is a dreamer that doesn’t fit in. He hears songs in his head but he can’t seem to figure out what they mean. His hope of understanding his dreams and breaking free rests with an unlikely resistance – an alliance of rebel Bohemians.
We Will Rock You features some of Queen’s greatest and most memorable hits including ‘Somebody To Love’, ‘Under Pressure’ and, of course, ‘We Will Rock You’.

All performances will take place in the Hornsby RSL Showroom
Thursday 19 April – 7:30pm
Friday 20 April – 7:30pm
Saturday 21 April – 1:00pm
Saturday 21 April – 7:30pm
Sunday 22 April – 1:00pm 

Director – Tamer Morris
Choreographer – Rebecca Savage
Musical Director – Matthew Herne


Galileo – Josh Brown
Scaramouche – Jenna Woolley
Killer Queen – Annastasia Denton
Commander Khashoggi – Boshko Maksimovic
Britt – Tim Selby
Oz – Abi Smith
Buddy – Paul Mepham
Featured Dancers:
Fiorella Bamba
Hayley Dwight
Samantha Germain
Cheryl Pieres
Ashley Roberts
Simon Buchner
Vicki Devine
Jessica Edward
Ashlyn Lee
Thomas Lee
Lauren MacKinnon
Joshua Maher
Joanna McAdan
Daniel McInnes-Hull
Millie Reid-Alvarez
Melissa Trickey
Mark Vangelatos
Gabriella Viglione

Photography by Grant Leslie Photography/ Perfect Images Photography