2020 shows

Directors | Musical Directors | Choreographers

We are looking for enthusiastic and experienced production team members to help bring these shows to life.

We will be accepting individual pitches until midnight Wednesday August 28.

To apply, please email the committee at mail@hornsbymusicalsociety.com.au and publicityhms@gmail.com with:

  • Your name
  • The show and production team role you are applying for
  • Your musical theatre CV including 2 references
  • The names of other pitchers you would like to work with (if applicable)

If you are applying to direct you are also required to write and submit a pitch containing:

  • Artistic rationale
  • Production design
  • Proposed budget

If you are applying to choreograph or MD please note we may require a sample of work.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Beautiful – The Carole King Musical
30 April – 3 May 2020

Holiday Inn
8-11 October 2020